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It may surprise many people to learn that 25 percent of those who die every year in the U.S. are Veterans. To help provide care and support that reflect the important contributions made by these men and women, all of our Comfort Hospice locations have become national partners of We Honor Veterans, a pioneering campaign developed by National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As We Honor Veterans Partners, Comfort Hospice will implement ongoing Veteran-centered education for their staff and volunteers to help improve the care they provide to the Veterans they proudly serve. we-honor-vetsThe nation is seeing many of the Veterans who served in World War II and Korean pass away—and the number of deaths of Vietnam Veterans is beginning to rise.

All of our Comfort Hospice
locations are national partners
of We Honor Veterans.

The We Honor Veterans campaign provides tiered recognition to organizations that demonstrate a systematic commitment to improving care for Veterans. “Partners” can assess their ability to serve Veterans and, using resources provided as part of the campaign, integrate best practices for providing end-of-life care to Veterans into their organization. By recognizing the unique needs of our nation’s Veterans who are facing a life-limiting illness, Comfort Hospice is better able to accompany and guide Veterans and their families toward a more peaceful ending.

For more information about We Honor Veterans please visit www.wehonorveterans.org.




"You did so much for T.H. in the short time you were involved in his life. I think he knew he would be cared for and cared about and that my daughter (CG) and I would be helped during this time as well. You are so exceptional. Thank you for entering our lives."

Duncan, Sheila, Kelly and Marcos

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