Caring for our patients is only the beginning

Family & Caregivers

Around-the-clock, hands-on care can be overwhelming for our patient’s families and caregivers. That’s where our volunteers make a great impact.

familycaregiversOur highly skilled volunteers are trained to relieve primary caregivers by helping them with household chores, sitting with patients, or running errands for them. Perhaps the most important task, however, is their ability to be “good listeners.” Hospice volunteers also provide administrative assistance to the hospice care team by working in the office.

We greatly value our caring volunteers, and so do our patients and their families. You can read what our patients and their families have written about our volunteers on our testimonials page.




"I am very glad we engaged your services when we did. Their help was very comforting."

Harvey H. (spouse)

News & Events

Comfort Launches New Website
Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Comfort Hospice has just launched its new official website to communicate to our patients and their families, physicians, and caregivers. We hope that our site will provide useful tools and information for all individuals that touch the lives of our … Continue reading


Comfort Hospice is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. We provide hospice services, palliative care and bereavement support to patients and their entire family.